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Author James Chalk

James Chalk is the author of the critically acclaimed pulp, cyberpunk technothriller, "The Meat Market."

Spilt Milk: A Collection of Stories

Spilt Milk: A Collection of Stories - D.K. Cassidy Exceptional!
This aptly named collection of excellent short stories gives the reader brief, but illuminating glimpses of the various characters’ lives. The stories are exceptionally well written and extremely thought provoking. The author’s prose is clean, succinct, and captivating. Each story examines some important aspect of the human condition leaving the reader with plenty to contemplate and relate to. But, don’t misunderstand this is not a stogy philosophical tomb! Quite the opposite, these stories are each delightful and easy to read. I experienced a gamut of emotions ranging from fear and disturbing discomfort to laughter and delight. I will be looking for more work from this most excellent author!