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James Chalk is the author of the critically acclaimed pulp, cyberpunk technothriller, "The Meat Market."

Pecha Kucha & English Language Teaching

Pecha Kucha & English Language Teaching - Thomas Jerome Baker A Must Read for Educators, Presenters, and Other Professionals!
Everyone can benefit from this exceptional book about a fairly new (~10 years) methodology for presentations, called Pecha Kucha. Thomas Baker does a phenomenal job explaining and making a compelling case for using Pecha Kucha in a teaching environment. He informs the reader using a style that is easy to read and understand. He covers the topic thoroughly without being boring or pedantic. The reader may breeze through or take his time and contemplate. Afterwords the same text will be useful as a reference. It takes a masterful author to blend these elements so easily. Mr. Baker’s work should be read by every educator, but others should buy this book too. Anyone who does any kind of presentation or wants to learn to communicate with greater organization, clarity, and impact will benefit from practicing or, better yet, mastering Pecha Kucha.