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Author James Chalk

James Chalk is the author of the critically acclaimed pulp, cyberpunk technothriller, "The Meat Market."

Into the Darkness (The Legend of Shadow and Light #1)

Into the Darkness (The Legend of Shadow and Light #1) - Fox Lee Monstrous Fun with Non-Stop Action!
This is a really enjoyable action thriller that has the feel of a fast paced epic disaster movie. The author blends many genres effortlessly resulting in a unique and enthralling story. It begins with alternative history horror, but quickly transitions thru action thriller and super power awakening, culminating in end of days disaster. The zombies are a believable monstrous horde. They have an epic fantasy feel mixed with a touch of classic horror. As the story pulls you along, forcing you to miss sleep and ignore chores, you become quite attached to the characters and invested in observing their development. The bad guy Zorn, who is essentially the devil incarnate, is evolving in interesting ways as is the hero Quinn. What is happening to Quinn I can’t say without spoiling things, so you will have to read it for yourself. Surprisingly, Quinn did not capture my interests and affection nearly as much as his friend Hope. I’m predicting big things for hope as the story unfolds in the future. The book ends just as the disaster is really getting hot, so be prepared to impatiently wait for book two. Amongst many other things I’m looking forward to in the next book, I’m dying to find out why the old Chinese man is called “Dragon!”