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Author James Chalk

James Chalk is the author of the critically acclaimed pulp, cyberpunk technothriller, "The Meat Market."

Circle of Five

Circle of Five - Jan Raymond A well written super powers awakening adventure!
While it seems to be intended for young adults, I think it makes for a fun read at any age. I was captured by the end of chapter one and barely put the book down until I was done. Woven into the story are various lessons about life and morality, but as with all good stories they are embedded seamlessly into the action. All of the central characters are well done with different strengths and weaknesses. One of the lessons is that they are far more when working together. Another lesson to be learned is what not to do as a parent. We see some good examples of this in the book. Although the book is definitely just the first installment in a larger story, it stands alone as a very enjoyable classic superhero origins tale. I can’t wait to read the next book. I am especially looking forward to seeing Sam grow more confident and powerful, or at least I hope that is what will happen.