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Author James Chalk

James Chalk is the author of the critically acclaimed pulp, cyberpunk technothriller, "The Meat Market."

The Regent's Gamble (Spellbound Consortium, #1)

The Regent's Gamble (Spellbound Consortium, #1) - A. Payne, N.D. Taylor An Epic Urban Fantasy.
Yes, I said epic. Until I found this book I didn’t think it was possible to combine epic fantasy with urban supernatural adventure and romance. The authors manage it brilliantly. They are masterful story tellers that have created a complex and consistent magical universe with rich language and vivid imagery. Their characters are likable and believable and the sex is steamy. The book is long and complex. It has a number of subplots and themes that are explored. The length is a good thing. The only reader dissatisfaction will be because the book does eventually end. I’m looking forward to reading the second book whenever it gets released.